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The use of WhatsApp groups is a recent development in the field of communication. Groups on WhatsApp have proven to be a great way for people to organize and stay in touch with their family, friends and social circles.

WhatsApp groups are an excellent way to connect with all your favorite people from any part of the world, share photos and videos instantly, chat about current events or anything else going on in your life.


Whatsapp groups

Once you join a group chat on WhatsApp, you will be able to see when other members read your messages. You can also check the last time they were active in the chat. If two people are chatting back and forth with each other but that doesn't include any other members of the group chat, you may want to step in.

WhatsApp is a mobile messaging application with more than 1.5 billion users around the world and is the first choice for many people looking to connect with their friends and family. WhatsApp groups provide an excellent opportunity for different organizations to reach followers, clients and potential customers.

Users can create WhatsApp groups by sending a request to the desired contact or by adding an existing contact. These groups can be created for any purpose such as:

- family and friends

Co-workers in the same office

Relatives living in different cities

- a group of people who share common interests and communicate regularly on the platform (for example, a sports team)

A group of people on WhatsApp can share quick messages with the group members.

One advantage is that there are no media restrictions, so you can upload photos, videos, etc. This can be useful if you need to send pictures or voice messages to group members.

The term "WhatsApp group" is a relatively new term in the slang. A WhatsApp group is a group of people who can send messages to each other in a chat format. They can also share photos and videos with each other.

WhatsApp groups are not necessarily private and usually come with the option to add or remove members at will, depending on the specific use case.

This means that they are not only to communicate but also to share content among themselves, so it becomes possible to create new communities centered around WhatsApp groups, such as those based on hobbies and interests.

We start with an introduction to WhatsApp groups, noting that they are a great way to connect with people and share important information.

We now turn to why WhatsApp groups are popular today, mentioning the ease of use and the ability to quickly invite people.

We also mention how different types of groups exist; Closed, open, public, confidential, etc. We list some of the reasons why these different types of groups exist.

Chat apps are one of the few things that have boomed after Facebook's acquisition of WhatsApp. The idea of ​​this app was originally to create an app as an alternative to SMS messages. Messaging is still the most popular way to communicate, but what distinguishes chat apps from messaging is the great variety of features they offer.

The groups function has been a huge success for WhatsApp, with more than 200 million users across all platforms. The ability to create groups on WhatsApp has also boosted its popularity among businesses, who can use it as a way to communicate with their entire team at once.


 In this section, we are going to talk about what is a WhatsApp group. We will also go through some of the most common mistakes people make when creating a WhatsApp group and how to avoid these mistakes.



WhatsApp has become one of the most popular messaging applications today. In fact, it is on its way to becoming the world's largest social network for mobile users. This app allows you to chat with your loved ones on a more personal level. It also allows you to chat with a small number of people at once without having to search your contacts in your phone book and send messages to them individually. All you have to do is create a WhatsApp group and invite people from your contact list or from other groups you've been to before and start chatting away!

WhatsApp Group is a group chat on WhatsApp. It can be created by one or more people. Chats are private and participants can only see their messages.

We have all used WhatsApp groups at some point in our lives. But have you ever thought about the advantages of groups? Let's find out!

The main advantage is that groups provide an effective way to communicate with a large number of people at the same time. This is especially useful in situations where you are trying to coordinate a meeting of friends, family members, or co-workers who may not be in the same city, country, continent, etc. Groups also make it easy for people who want to send updates about their activities (eg if they are going on vacation.

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 What are WhatsApp groups?



 They are group chats where people send messages to each other.

- Users can post photos, videos and texts in these groups.

There is no limit to the number of members in a WhatsApp group.

- Members can create subgroups within the main group.


 How do you create a WhatsApp group?


- Open WhatsApp and click on the option "Start a new conversation" or "Add participant". On the next screen for Android users, tap on Join as Administrator while iPhone users tap on Create a new group chat option. - Finally, enter the name of the group and press the "Done" button to finish creating the first group chat.

And here we may have finished getting to know WhatsApp groups and now we will leave you the best WhatsApp groups for the year 2022 and the most popular.


WhatsApp group links 2022



There are many and many types of groups such as (various groups, entertainment WhatsApp groups, WhatsApp groups for girls and boys, WhatsApp groups for girls, WhatsApp groups for chat and acquaintance, WhatsApp groups for advertisements, WhatsApp groups for applications and games, WhatsApp groups for sports, groups WhatsApp for girls only, WhatsApp groups for boys and girls, romantic WhatsApp groups, WhatsApp cases, WhatsApp sideburns and chat groups, interactive groups, WhatsApp groups laughing and farfish, WhatsApp groups 2022, new WhatsApp groups, WhatsApp groups 2022, WhatsApp groups for photos and videos, WhatsApp groups for chat 2022, WhatsApp groups for phone calls, WhatsApp groups for advertisements, WhatsApp groups for watching stories, WhatsApp groups for 2022, and many types of groups, but we mentioned a few of them to you.

And now we will leave you the best WhatsApp groups for the year 2021 and 2022.


Whatsapp groups dating



 Sports WhatsApp group

  •  KOORA Life - Link
  •  Saudi football group - link
  •  Real Madrid news - link
  •  International sports news - link
  •  Saudi League groups - link
  •  Footbol news group - link
  • TIME KOORA | Time Koora - link
  • Football News - Link 
  • World of Wrestling - Link
  • Ball World - Link
  • AL-HILAL 60 - Link 
  •  beIN sport - link
  •  Shams Sport Network - Link 
  •  WWE Competitions Link
  •  Al-Hilali Leader - Link 
  •  Saudi Unity - Link 
  •  Football Plus - Link
  • More sports WhatsApp group

pubg mobile whatsapp group

  • pubg mobile - link 
  • Pubg Arab - Link
  • pubg mobile professionals
  • EGYツ Team PUBG - Link 
  •  Pubg lovers - link
  • Pubg Yemen - link
  • pubg - link
  • Pubg popular support group - link
  • PUBG Mobile Heroes - Link 
  • More from pubg mobile whatsapp group

fortnite whatsapp group 

  •  fortnite,,🎮 - link
  • fortnite - link
  • Fortnite⌨🖱🎮🎧🛡 - Link 
  • fortnite accounts - link
  • fortnite group - link

technical whatsapp group

  • Teacher Information Network - Link   
  • Programs and games - link
  • Tech Potion - Link 
  • Programmers and Technicians - Link 
  • Designs 🖌️ - Link 
  • Global Technology 2 - Link
  • Youtube world - link 
  • Technology world - link 
  • Inspiration for Informatics - Link
  • Technical Potion - Link
  • New jobs in Saudi Arabia - link 
  • Explanations - link 

Whatsapp Free Fire Group


WhatsApp group buy and sell

  • Buy and sell - link
  • Trade groups - link
  • Turkish clothes - link
  • Remas Trading - Link 
  • Trade groups - link
  • Jeddah, Makkah and Alta real estate ads in Kuwait in - link
  •  5G for ads - link 
  •  Wholesale goods in UAE - link
  • Haraj Group 7 - Link  
  • Kuwait Ads - Link
  • Oman Merchants Group - Link 
  • A link to facilitate laboratories Palestine - link
  • Distinctive real estate in Istanbul - link
  •  My business - link
  •  Real estate for sale Sultanate of Oman - link
  •  Emarat Al Khair Trading - Link

  • Group respect yourself respect - link
  • Group talk and acquaintance - link
  • Girls only groups - link 
  • Sisters Obs - link 
  • Cases, photos and dating - link
  • Our feelings unite us - link  
  • Friends Forever - Link 
  • love people - link 
  • Our strength is our word - link 
  • Loving Group - Link 
  • Unity - link 
  • Friends - Link 
  •  Heartbeat - link 

Girls WhatsApp group


  Religious WhatsApp group

  • religious variety - Link
  • Listen to the books of the biography of the Prophet - link 
  • In love with the book of God - link 
  • In the footsteps of the Prophet - link
  • Rest your hearing - link
  • Judgment and sermons - link 
  • Is it not in the remembrance of God that hearts find rest - link 

 Medicine and health whatsapp group

  • Healthy Life Project - Link
  • Omani blood - link 
  • Psychotherapy - link 
  • Medication with natural products - link 
  • Arab Institute for Mental Health - link 
  • Health and medical products - link 

Cultural WhatsApp group


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