How to Get a Canadian Work Visa


You can take these steps to get the Canada work visa and apply for it with ease:

Step 1) Check if your country has already issued the Canada Work Visa. If your country doesn’t, consider getting one immediately. Not only will this help you get a temporary residence for your family. You could also use them as long as they are registered in that country.

Step 2) Make sure you have not been in any conflict of interest and provide proof of employment.

Step 3) Now open an account in the service of the Embassy/Consulate General of Canada. After that, fill out all required information, including proof of identity and location for filing the application and submit it. The application should take no less than 21 days, depending upon the process that you need to follow.

Step 4) Once the application is approved, you will be able to get a valid travel document from the Service Department or Immigration department (depending upon the immigration status of your country). The document needs to be accompanied by your passport, permanent resident ID, and passport copy, along with one piece of official evidence of previous participation in an international program.

Step 5) As soon as the document is completed and stamped, the documents can be sent through mail or directly by fax to Consul General/Embassy of Canada at their respective addresses. Send them to the diplomatic office with address in Vancouver, BC. Take note of the date of delivery and contact the consulate officer within five business days by phone or email. At this point, you need to ensure that you meet the requirements and conditions of the Citizenship & Immigration Act (CMA).

Step 6) On receipt of your document, mail it to this Consul General and complete the necessary instructions for its processing. In time, receive your document with the relevant stamps. Keep track of the documents as well as the consulate officers and keep records of the same.

Step 7) Complete the online application form based on which visa it is requested. Fill up all details of the application form such as passport size image and title. Then submit it. You will receive confirmation from the embassy/consulate on the same day of submission or in three working days.

Step 8) Within fourteen business days after submitting, an acknowledgement must be received from the Consul General via mail or by fax. Ensure that it is signed by the president in Canada or his deputy. At this time, complete and mark the form electronically and send it back to the consul general. It will be marked and returned to the diplomat within 10 days of sending it.

Step 9) Finally, you can check whether your request was accepted or rejected. However, you have to pay the applicable fee as per the rules and regulations governing the applicant’s case.

Tips on how to get a Canada work permit

1) Visit or call +1 604 663 876.

2) Read the brochure and go through the list of procedures carefully.

3) Know the requirements and follow them.

4) Meet the obligations that come for applying for a Canada work visa and make sure that they are met before obtaining the Canadian work document.

5) Ask questions whenever you might have doubts about filling the correct applications.

6) Create a unique bi-national identity card from wherever you reside and show it to the Canadian government representatives. The bi-national identity card will be used to prove your citizenship, which cannot be obtained without fulfilling other basic documents.

7) Bring enough documents for proving your identity and location to the appointed offices or consulate office of the diplomat that you’re going to visit. So send all the original copies of the documents when asked for.

8) Verify the validity of your Canadian Permanent Resident ID. Also, have a photocopy. But keep the original copy of the ID.

9) Be prepared to answer some personal questions that may arise during the interview process.

10) Do not lie. Tell the truth in the conversation. Let us know if the person on paper speaks French, Spanish, English, German, or Chinese and tell the truth to each question.

11) Go through the entire procedure carefully as to make it as clear as possible. And do not forget to bring all the necessary documents to substantiate your claim to be entitled to get the Canada visa.

12) When making an appointment to speak with someone, keep some time beforehand or at least two hours.

13) Don’t ask for more time whenever you have to talk. Use it for asking questions or for getting clarification.

14) Stay calm and focused. Any kind of disturbance or delay can hamper your application.

15) Make sure that you are not late.

16) Make sure you know what type of visa you need to obtain. Whether it’s a research work or employment document, make sure you have got all the necessary papers.

17) All applicants who apply for the study Canada Work Visa must possess sufficient documentation, including certified copies of either high school diplomas, diploma, bachelors degree certificates, or equivalent educational qualifications and a resume.

18) Attaching any forms that you might require to avail the benefits that you are entitled to are permitted.

19) Ensure that you do not misappropriate the money through giving advice regarding financial matters. You will simply lose your eligibility.

20) Before obtaining the Canada Works Visa, complete a simple questionnaire. This questionnaire is nothing but a checklist detailing the essential information that you need to share with the consulate officer. Your answers should be brief, accurate, concise and comprehensible.