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The American VISA Sponsorship Program is a financial assistance program for eligible individuals to obtain an H-1B visa. This visa type is often used by businesses wishing to employ skilled foreign workers in the U.S.

The application period for obtaining an H-1B is one year from the date of issue. However, applicants who are qualified under the first phase of the form should only apply within this time frame.

The most recent data shows that over 95% of all applications nationwide have been received within the time frame stated by the government in their guidelines. In addition, it does not show any significant trend towards later applications due to limited data and lack of uniformity.

The number of available funds to be distributed varies based on your income and skill set. Those with higher incomes or those who possess more education are generally provided with greater amounts of money than those whose income is less than $75,000 annually.

You can find additional information about the eligibility criteria on the official website at

There are several requirements to fulfill before you can get your H-1B visa approved for employment purposes. These include the following:

You must be working in a high paying skilled job that requires at least 60 percent local knowledge.

You must also be earning less than half the federal poverty line (FPL) for every $100,000 in salary.

You must be working in an occupation that provides services in the field of computer software engineering or related fields that require theoretical and technical expertise or creativity. You must have obtained your master’s degree within six years of the date of issuance.

You must be a citizen of the United States

You must have filed your taxes as required.

Your employer must provide you with at least one of the listed documents as well as a nonimmigrant visa. If you do not have all of these documents, then you will need to either submit them to prove that you were eligible to acquire them before applying for the H-1B visa or request a waiver. After obtaining both of these forms you can start the processing of your H-1B visa.

Applications for the American Visa Sponsor Program are usually accepted from 24 September 2016 through 30 September 2017. To ensure that the process does not run out of time you will need to make sure that all of the above requirements and regulations are confirmed before making the application. Once approved then the sponsor can pay the entire cost of the visa application including visa processing fees. A sponsorship fee for a single beneficiary of the visa type is between $600 and $1500 dollars. For more information see the documentation on the company’s page.

American Visa Sponsor Program History

The U.S. Government started the American Visa program in 1958 when it was known as ‘the Green Card.’ It was aimed at providing immigrants with green cards that could help them stay in the country during certain economic situations.

In 1965, President Lyndon B. Johnson created the Immigration Act of 1867 which strengthened immigration laws and gave more immigrants the chance to pursue careers in the West.

In 1972, Congress established the Visa Program. As its name suggests this program provides visa-holders with priority access to permanent residency status.

In 1980, the law changed to allow two sources of funding to build the capacity needed to provide social security to immigrant spouses.

In 1985, the Citizenship Act gave immigrants the right to live and work in the country they are registered as a legal permanent residents. Also, the third source of financing came into force in 1991 with the passage of the Civil Rights Act, allowing other undocumented immigrants to achieve some civil rights like voting, being able to hold certain jobs, and marrying someone lawfully. Lastly, people with valid visas were allowed to receive government aid.

Since 1995 there have been three different editions of the Visa Program: 1. the old version, 2. the new version, and 3. the current edition which provides better opportunities for foreign professionals, students, and other individuals interested in obtaining temporary residence in the US because of specific skills. There are also plans to launch an extension called E-visa which will allow the program beneficiaries to become permanent residents without having to go through the second round of documentation procedures.

While many immigrant employers choose to work for companies that offer high wages and benefit packages, others prefer looking for places with lower rates but similar perks. While foreign employees look for places where they can enjoy some freedom and freedom they are not limited by factors like location such as location, size, and job type.

A lot of organizations prefer to bring in skilled workers who are located near their clients but not where the business operations are located. This allows them to save on costs when looking for locations with the highest quality talent. They would rather bring international graduates than short-term and locally trained employees.

American Visa Sponsorship Program Application Process & Eligibility Forms

The American Visa sponsorships are open to anyone with a clean criminal record or those whose parents have not yet been convicted of a crime. These individuals are given preference over others in terms of visa sponsorship to improve the US economy.

Applicants eligible for the American Visa Sponsor Program are either citizens or legal permanent residents of the United States and those coming from countries that have ratified or signed treaties or memorandums with the United States. The following categories are among the possible recipients:

Spouses and dependent children


Children born abroad (in accordance with Article II, section 8 of the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations)

Students and other members of staff

Professional licensees who hold graduate degrees or professional certificates in programs related to computer science, data analytics, AI, Internet marketing, etc. A college degree is also mandatory for foreign applicants as well as holders of other diplomas. Individuals with post-secondary qualifications in technology, computer science, computer engineering, and related fields may qualify for American Visa sponsoring. Such professionals include programmers, engineers, researchers, academics, salesperson-salesmen, and account managers.

Those with bachelor’s degrees and lower have the same qualifications as domestic applicants. However, individuals with Master’s or Ph.D.’s and other Ph.D. level degrees will be expected to fulfill extra requirements. It is important for the individual seeking immigration to meet their career goals and plan accordingly. One way of doing so is by ensuring the applicant has enough experience for entry and subsequent work in the area of interest (e.g., software development).

The selection is done through online submissions and phone interviews according to interview rules.

American VISA Sponsoring Program Job Seekers/Employer Searching Fees and Application Deadlines

Once the individual application is submitted, candidates can contact the relevant hiring agencies to determine their availability. Depending on what application is chosen and how it is completed the fee ranges between $1,000 and $30,000. Candidates have the option to use multiple strategies to select their desired country of origin as well as search for existing workers with the same certification.

The agency to which you will contact for an application review includes Global Placement Services, FPC Management, Intercompany Solutions, IHR, TalentSource, TalentFinder, HR Technology Group, and recruiting Solutions. You will need to pay for each one of these agencies.

The fee system in the US is very simple yet efficient. At the top of the list is the ‘Individual Fee’ which is paid by the firm for the opportunity to see if the candidate is eligible to be selected and to complete the application process. Then there is the ‘Group Fee’ which includes up to five individuals completing the application. Finally, there are also Agency fees that total between 40 to 150 dollars depending on the specific agency.

To help individuals find suitable employers for the job they want, the American Visa sponsorships allow for job searching fees to be applied for in advance of the deadline.

When the applicants finally submit their application with the required background verification and the required fee. Applicants can still apply for the position, however, they have to wait until after the submission is done to receive their hiring decisions.

There are several ways of determining the number of times a person can apply for a job. Some firms have a database that allows those interested to select companies that fit into their preferred criteria or match their particular skill set. Others use a personal network, which means that the employee and employer meet at least once for coffee and a drink. Other techniques are used where individual employers meet with each applicant to discuss further details. Another criterion is using a pre-employment screening questionnaire that is sent over email by the firm. All applicants have to be emailed with their details and will receive automated replies once they finish filling in their information.

Companies with hundreds or thousands of employees hire an application specialist.