10 Reasons Why You Should Study In Canada

Canada offers some of the most competitive education systems in the world, and you may be wondering why you should study in Canada as opposed to anywhere else. We’ve got 10 reasons why Canada is the place to get your education! In no particular order, here are 10 reasons why you should study in Canada.

1) Qualifications are recognized around the world

If you earn a degree in Canada, it will be recognized around the world. It’s true that degrees issued by Canadian universities are not officially recognized in every country – after all, each country has its own standards for education quality assurance. But more often than not, if you earn your Canadian degree from an accredited university program that is recognized by your home government, you should have no trouble using it as a springboard to further education or applying it to a job abroad. If you need to know for sure if your Canadian diploma will be accepted where you want to study or work next – check with that country’s ministry of education!

2) It’s a safe place to live

Although it might not seem like it to some, especially when you’re watching a show like The Handmaid’s Tale, in terms of safety, Canada is considered one of the safest countries on Earth. There are no war zones to be found here and most crimes are non-violent, meaning you have a very low chance of being killed or seriously injured while living here. That safety isn’t just limited to Canadian citizens either; anyone can feel safe in their country. Crime rates across Canada are going down every year and while they do happen, they’re quite rare.

3) No country is as rich in opportunities

Many countries around the world are known for their educational institutions that produce quality graduates every year. But is there any country that excels in producing graduates who are highly employable and ready to work right after graduation? If you think so, it’s none other than Canada. It is widely known as a nation of opportunities where a world-class education can be had at affordable prices. Top-notch education comes with top-notch faculty and staff that offer students from all over the world, including India, an experience like no other – one which makes them hard to forget for a lifetime. Here are 10 reasons why you should study in Canada!

4) Bilingualism is beneficial

According to UNESCO, about 20% of Canadians are bilingual, which means you can be one of them! Bilingualism has proven cognitive benefits—studies have found that when students learn languages in addition to their native tongue, they improve in areas such as reading and writing. A great reason to study in Canada is to develop your language skills and become multilingual. Studying abroad may also help you find a job after graduation. According to a recent study by CareersAtUSF, bilingual graduates have an increased chance of getting hired than their monolingual counterparts.

5) There are more jobs than qualified people

There are simply more jobs in Canada than there are skilled workers to fill them. This skills gap has forced many employers to be creative about who they hire, and it’s created a unique environment for international students looking to gain some practical experience in their fields before returning home. According to Universities Canada, Ontario alone graduates around 140,000 post-secondary students per year—roughly 35,000 of which go on to seek employment with their school’s employer network. If you’re qualified and have been recommended by your university as having an excellent work ethic, you’ll find it much easier getting hired as an intern or employee at a Canadian company than someone straight out of college or university back home.

6) Students are valued

Canadians value education and have made it a priority to invest in their future through research and student aid. Canada has been committed to investing in its students with over $9 billion available per year, making Canadian schools among some of the most affordable post-secondary institutions in North America. Canadians understand that education is a key part of creating an innovative, progressive society. If you want to get involved in research or are just plain interested in learning more about your chosen field, then studying in Canada is for you! No other country provides as much financial support for both domestic and international students as does Canada. Scholarships are available for undergraduate programs and grants can be used for graduate-level studies as well.

7) Higher education is affordable

Due to the high cost of tuition in many countries around the world, it can seem impossible for students to obtain higher education. But in Canada, both domestic and international students alike can benefit from affordable tuition costs. According to UCompare Education, Canadian colleges and universities typically charge between 20% and 25% less than their American counterparts. From elementary school all the way through university, students in Canada are receiving a high-quality education that doesn’t break their bank accounts.

8) The economy is booming

For Americans, Canada is fast becoming a popular place to study due to the economy. The Canadian dollar is worth more than its American counterpart, which means you’ll save money while studying abroad. Canadians are friendly: It’s not just your imagination; there are a ton of great opportunities to meet new people in Canada. According to a survey by Expat Insider, Canadians make some of the best friends in all of North America. So when you come back home after graduation, you’ll have a built-in support system waiting for you!

9) Technology rules here

According to a recent survey by The Economist, Canadians are among some of the most likely people to own tablet computers and access social media. Whether they’re on their mobile devices or PCs, they’re one of the most connected populations in terms of technology. So if you want to study somewhere where technology is king, Canada is your destination. Students don’t have to feel tied down because there are WiFi hotspots all over campus and even high-speed internet connections in classrooms for those who prefer traditional learning methods.

10) Campus life is unlike anywhere else

On a typical day at my university, I’ll walk past many students. We’ll smile and nod in recognition of each other and we might even exchange quick conversations or laughter before going our separate ways. Then, when it’s time for class, I can walk into an auditorium that has seating for hundreds of people or head to one of three gymnasiums nearby to get some exercise in with my classmates. And there are always places on campus where you can find a quiet spot to study or write your next paper; either inside under natural light, outside surrounded by lush greenery or near a bubbling stream. It’s all part of what makes studying in Canada so unique.