The Top 5 Provinces to Find Work as a Truck Driver in Canada in 2022

Truck driving is one of the best jobs in Canada, but finding work can be difficult in some provinces and cities compared to others. Whether you’re planning to relocate to the country or are just looking for something new and exciting, these are the top 5 provinces to find work as a truck driver in Canada in 2022! Check out our ranking below and apply today!

1) Alberta

With Alberta having an unemployment rate of 7.5% it’s probably one of your best choices when looking for a job as a truck driver. Some major cities where you can find work are Calgary, Edmonton, and Red Deer. Every year there are thousands of job openings that are available for truck drivers. There is no limit on how many hours you can drive per day. With minimum wages at around $27/hour these jobs pay pretty well! You will also be able to get paid overtime if you choose to work more than 40 hours per week. The only downside about working in Alberta is that they have harsh weather conditions during winter months. This may make it difficult for some people who don’t like cold weather or snow.

2) Manitoba

The trucking industry in Manitoba has expanded significantly over recent years, making it an ideal destination for new entrants into truck driving. There are some excellent entry-level opportunities across industries and regions. Seasonal work is prevalent due to Manitoba’s status as one of Canada’s largest agriculture-producing provinces. Winnipeg, Brandon and Selkirk are all hotspots for truck drivers looking for seasonal work. In addition, there are many short-term opportunities available through staffing agencies. As well as being a good place to start your career, Manitoba is also a great place to move up in your career; many experienced drivers find themselves moving from province to province or country to country with relative ease.

3) Ontario

While most people wouldn’t expect that Ontario is one of the provinces with more open jobs for truck drivers, let me tell you, it has many openings and I’m going to tell you why. Many companies here are looking for truck drivers and they are willing to hire anyone who applies. This province usually hires drivers from other countries, but if you have your license already and can speak English, there shouldn’t be any problem for you. The only downside about working here is that you will need to pay extra taxes because Ontario charges higher income tax than other provinces. If you are okay with paying taxes then working in Ontario might be a good option for you.

4) Quebec

Quebec is one of five Canadian provinces that ban all cell phone use while driving. The penalties include demerit points and fines, which can lead to suspension of your driver’s license. Quebec police also frequently perform seatbelt-monitoring blitzes; if you are found not wearing your seatbelt, you will be subject to a $127 fine. These rules make it hard for truck drivers who want or need to take their phones with them while they drive—but some solutions do exist! For example, many companies offer hands-free devices that allow drivers to keep their hands on the wheel and eyes on the road while using a Bluetooth device. If you’re caught using your mobile device behind the wheel in Quebec, expect an automatic fine of $400 (and two demerit points).

5) British Columbia

One of Canada’s westernmost provinces, British Columbia boasts Vancouver, which is home to more than 60% of all jobs available for truck drivers throughout BC. The province offers around 300 different jobs and earns an average salary between $40,000 and $45,000. Costs are on par with other major Canadian cities. With its proximity to both Alberta and Washington State, BC makes it easy for drivers to take their careers across borders. If you want to explore new areas while working at home, consider moving west!

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